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The free limited time offer concerns individuals, independent workers, business
under 101 employees, non-profit associations and some government organizations(1)

Release time still undisclosed

Year 2012 utopia to become 2013 realities

1rst Reality

You have the info and the product but you loose some visitors because they don't find it on your website?

Complete-Search local search is the new free* search engine that indexes any word or phrase on your website. It first looks for your visitor's exact terms. Next, it combines the words order. In the case of an insufficient number of results, it extends to similar meanings**. Only in the end, it reduces the number of words to consider. And if this is still not enough, it verifies the spelling and proposes some corrections. It is fast, powerful and user friendly.

The package supports these features:

  • Install your software intuitively,
  • Customize your search and result pages,
  • Break your website into several categories,
  • Follow English, French or Spanish instructions,
  • Give a special weight to your strategic keywords,
  • Connect your php based existing external programs ***,
  • Run the software on any website equipped with PHP / mySQL,
  • Translate your engine into any western language in 10 minutes.

* The limited time free offer concerns personal and non-profit websites providing they keep the copyright notice and link to on their result and search pages. A free license applies to only one domain. Violators will be prosecuted.


** A set of dictionaries increases the number and accuracy of the results. For example, if the term “government” returns only one answer, the search engine will complete the results with the words “state” and “administration”. You can upload up to 4 dictionaries relevant to your website. More could slow down the search.


These dictionaries and many more are available to choose from: English synonyms, technology & sciences, economics and business, terms of the Internet, old English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Dutch… You may also substitute your own word list. Complete-Search succeeds where the other guies quit.


*** Complete-Search can trigger and integrate an external php program. For example, a librarian wants to display his catalogue at the top of his results page. All he needs to do is to set up Complete-Search to run his catalogue program during the search, which is very simply done. A sample result page is given below. The first three relevant items are given by his product catalogue while the remaining consists in material dispersed in his website pages.


For those who do not have a catalogue, want to set one up or replace their existing one, Complete-Search can greatly assist them with its step by step procedure. Click on the option in the control panel and follow the steps: Enter the products, their description, the price, the inventory number, their categories... and run. It takes less than an hour plus the time to key in the catalogue items.

Customize your search page and results, title, backgrounds and fonts...

Display many pertinent results.

Display some images. Propose your product catalogue results. If you don't have one yet, create it with Complete-Search.

Customize each result section.

Highlight the search terms

Get related results and more from other languages that your website supports.

Offer more complete results by chosing the dictionaries relevant to your website.

The Internet will never be as before.

4 new realities are coming up

Complete-Search Market dramatically increases your online sales and website visibility.

Complete-Search Stats&Track reveals the unexpected facts about your visitors tastes and preferences.

Complete-Search Integration integrates Complete-Search with your company's Customer Relations Management system.

Complete-Search Network integrates the web search in your website. You fully control your crawl and the search results. You also benefit from a mountain load of precious info to dramatically increase your online sales and website popularity. Your website becomes eligible to become your visitors' start page.



A one-time opportunity

Entitlement to use Complete-Search Local

Complete-Search Local will be free for individuals and non-profit organizations, whether American or foreign providing they keep the copyright notice and link at the bottom of their search page.

It will also be free for the members of the press under the above conditions.

Government organizations may use this software for free if they fall into one of the following categories:

  • Spread culture (like museums),
  • Fight against sickness or poverty,
  • Dispense free non-commercial information,
  • Belong to the United Nations or the Vatican.

Government owned companies like the Post Office will qualify for a paid license.

Complete-Search Local will also be free for the first 1000 small and individually owned US companies that download the software. A registration number will be provided upon installation.

Large and medium size companies will be entitled to use Complete-Search Local freely if their most recent past year bottom line income statement figure (net profit) is negative. Like all the free licence users, they will keep the copyright notice and link to Complete-Search on their search pages.

In every other case, the price will be: $49 for the first domain plus $20 / additional one.

The small, medium and large company size definitions are the following, independently of any other existing definition:

  • From 1 to 100 employees - small,
  • From 101 to 3000 employees - medium,
  • 3001 employees and over - large companies.

The small companies will surrender their right to a free license on the 1rst of January after they attain a medium or large size.

The unauthorized usage of this software implies the acceptance of its price and immediate payment term on a cash basis. It also meets the definition of a felony in many states.

The French speaking visitors should refer to the information presented at:

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